A letter received & message heard

Above all else we operate a people based business. Decent people striving to provide quality customer service. Generally that’s easy to say and a little more difficult to prove....So today i wanted to share a section from a letter we have just received. Hopefully it goes some way to explain the effect of working for a company with such pride and how that attitude grows through our workforce and their families.

My father Bill, worked for Westley from the early 1950s on Newall jig borer and spark erosion. When he retired in 1987 (i think) the Company delivered his large tool box full of drills and carbide boring bars to his house in Bartley Green. When I cleared the house after his death, I brought the box back here for sentimental reasons. But now I would be delighted to see its contents returned. If you have anyone passing by, I would be delighted to return it and its contents to you, such that they may be put to good use.
I'm 75 now and sorting out all those things that were left for a rainy day.

Here is a man who knows the importance of this company to his father and it seems the apple didn’t fall too far. While getting his own affairs in order he is still keen to give back.
May we all reach 75 and retain such an attitude.

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