Birmingham based Westley Engineering called upon to assist with London underground delays…

Remember these futuristic tube train designs dubbed 'the New Tube'?
The first new trains were due to be delivered in 2023 for testing. Unless you're part of the testing programme, or a reckless train thief, you would not get to ride one until 2024.

It’s fair to say that timetable has now slipped , and we are now less sure when we might see these sleek vehicles in action.
The result is that the existing fleet of stock sets - many from 1973 must be maintained and overhauled for safe continued service while we wait.

It’s a similar situation to Autumn / Winter 2016 when wheel flats crippled the Piccadilly line trains. A ‘perfect storm’ of poor rail adhesion, leading to wheel slips under braking, resulted in the majority of the Piccadilly Line’s Stock developing flats. At one point, more than half of the line’s 78 trains were out of service.

Back with the current day delay and resulting maintenance - There’s a large number of safety critical, replace during maintenance parts involved and we are proud to be part of the solution.
It’s great to know our reputation has led to the enquiry coming to us.
What can Westley Engineering help you with ?

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