No such thing as a small job.... We love the satisfaction of helping our customers journey.

New customer Chris Goodenough has worked hard to bring a genuine new product  ( T-bolt fixings ) to market.

Chris developed T-Bolt whilst working as a professional handyman. Disappointed in the current range of fixings on the market, he set about designing his own.  T-Bolt was born - a simple and intuitive fixing for both home DIYer’s and professional installers alike.

T-Bolt is fast, easy to use and fits all plasterboard variations, holding heavy loads securely. Most importantly, it gives peace of mind to the installer, who can be certain that it will hold their heavy items on the wall.

However  like all new products and new companies Chris had received mixed advice along the way which has often added to his expenses and caused delays.

However his first meeting with us changed the outlook considerably. Having taken the tour and seen our approach to quality manufacturing and reassured by the customer service of the senior team Chris had the confidence to place the manufacture of T-bolt in our hands. 

Choosing Westley Engineering to manufacture his new product has allowed us to work as a development partner and influence the original design to ensure consistent quality and economical supply.

It’s not the safety critical world of Aerospace engineering or the glamorous world of Automotive - but our position in those sectors was achieved the same way.

Look after your customers and they’ll reward you with growth and loyalty.

We look forward to being very busy as this product finds customers worldwide.

Contact us to see how our approach can support your business.

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