Overtaking a common problem.

Automotive Engineers all strive to deliver the same targets. It's a weighty problem.
Some of the parts we have created for the automotive industry include:

Gear Assembly

Brake Adjusters

Windscreen Wiper Arms

Brake Wear Indicator - Wire Protector

Cable Guides

Interior Parts - Coin Tray

Handbrake System Component

Lighting Reflector Plates


Weight reduction is essential for boosting the fuel economy of modern automobiles while maintaining safety and performance. Replacing cast iron and traditional steel components with lightweight alternatives can directly reduce the weight of a vehicle, therefore increasing vehicle efficiency.


While any vehicle can benefit, the approach is especially important for hybrid, and electric vehicles. Using lightweight solutions in these applications can offset the weight of power systems such as batteries and electric motors, improving the efficiency and increasing their all-electric range. 


Metal pressings are a perfect choice for the automotive industry due to their low weight, and high strength characteristics.

Automotive customers know that Westley Engineering can often reverse engineer existing component designs, in order to create a more viable and cost effective end product.

You’ll discover Westley Engineering parts providing excellent value for money in every corner of the Automotive sector including Commercial vehicles, Agricultural & Off highway applications.

Through our partners
We have supplied Components for these Brands

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