We are proud to be a recognised supplier in this sector.

In fact the UK is the second largest defence exporter in the world, which helps deliver the equipment and services our armed and security services need to safeguard national security and contributes to the UK’s economic prosperity.
Some of the parts we have created for the defence industry include:

Firearm Components

Mlitary Vehicle Parts

Air-Crew Helmet Components

Fast Jet Braking System Parts

Electrical connectors


From fast jets to the largest military combat vehicles, components must be designed and built to the highest specification, developed to withstand the harshest and most demanding of environments encountered in the operating arena. 


Weight is a key concern on these vehicles. Our pressed parts can offer the strength and durability demanded for military use whilst dramatically reducing weight compared to perhaps cast or machined parts.


On heavyweight combat vehicles every gram saved means more equipment can be carried. By using our experience in specialist materials we can assist this weight reduction - contributing to mission success & crew safety.


When it really matters -  that is the attention to detail you can expect from Westley Engineering.

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