Proven expertise, ultimate flexibility.

Westley Engineering has, over many years, earned an industry-wide reputation for its expertise in high precision CNC machining and in the techniques of spark erosion and wire erosion. Today we work with many customers on a sub-contract basis, offering complete flexibility on high precision machined components which can be produced in small batches or as one-off, single items.

A number of state-of-the-art CNC machines is supported by an array of advanced software that allows us to make the most of their capability. Equally, our CNC engineers are highly skilled in both shop-floor and off-line programming.


Due to its flexibility, speed, accuracy and consistency, CNC machining offers a number of advantages, all of which Westley Engineering can help you maximise. Not least of these is the ability to shape a vast range of materials. In fact, you can choose from countless metal and plastic materials with an additional range of finishing options. This makes Westley Engineering extremely well-equipped to meet any requirement or challenge – from prototyping one-offs to mass production. 


That is why, after so many years of working with customers from a wide range of industries where the most rigorous standards are applied, including the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, Westley Engineering has earned a reputation as a leading provider of ISO quality-approved precision parts.


Whether you are looking to produce specialised parts in their thousands or you require a single bespoke item within a short time-frame, our machining services offer the ideal solution.

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