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Metal Pressing, Press Tools and Precision Machined Components

Intelligent engineering –
a combination of creativity, commitment and capacity

Based in the heart of the West Midlands, Westley Engineering has for many years been respected as one of the country’s most highly regarded and innovative designers and manufacturers of press tools. More recently, the company has applied its expert knowledge and expertise to become one of Britain’s major and most efficient suppliers of both pressed and precision machined components. Westley Engineering has now became one of the largest metal pressing companies in the country, offering a range of different services that take advantage of our varied and experienced skill-set.

It is not just exemplary manufacturing standards that distinguish our products – it is the careful thought and expert knowledge, coupled with a creative approach to problem-solving that define our approach to manufacturing. Whether we are designing a new tool, modifying or servicing an existing one, or using precision engineering techniques such as multi-axis machining, wire or spark erosion, our constant aim is to improve both our own and our customers efficiency and performance, increasing productivity, reducing wastage and downtime, and improving the quality of the finished products – we call it ‘intelligent engineering’.

Our services include:

  • Contract pressing

    • – up to 160T press capability
    • – multi-stage presswork
    • – precision pressings
    • – pressed components in steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals
    • – bandoliered components
    • – sub and final assembly
  • - precision machining of ‘one-offs’ and small batches
  • - wire erosion
  • - spark erosion
  • - metal pressing/metal stamping
  • Sourcing and control of specialist services (e.g. plating and heat treatment)

  • Servicing and maintenance of client’s tooling. Spare parts stockholding

  • Engineering toolmaking

    • – design and manufacture of press tools
    • – multi-stage progression tools
    • – single/secondary operation tooling
  • Development and de-bugging

  • Inventory control and stockholding

  • Sourcing and purchase of materials

  • Test and trial runs

  • Prototypes


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